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How To Make Your Home A Place You Want To Be & Spend Time

How To Make Your Home A Place You Want To Be & Spend Time

Your home is a significant investment and a sanctuary, a place that you can unwind and enjoy.

Keeping your home maintained and presentable will help increase its value, and if (or when) you decide to sell, there won't be too much to do.

Due to random lockdowns, we have all spent more time at home than ever before, so it makes sense to create a haven and a place that you love to spend time in.

Keep it Clean

You can make your home a place you want to spend more time in by keeping it clean. Make sure that all your items have somewhere to go that's out of the way. Get rid of what you no longer need to reduce clutter and get more organised. The cleaner your home is, the more you'll want to be in it and the less stressed out you'll feel when you're in and around your property. Get on a regular cleaning schedule by having a quick clean up each night; you can start the next day uncluttered. As you clean, don't be afraid to move some items around or rearrange a bit for a fresh look and feel.

improving your backyard

Improve the Backyard

If you are lucky enough to have a backyard and don't live in a unit, making some improvements could make life much more enjoyable if (hopefully never) there are more lockdowns.

Create a backyard oasis by planting a garden, having an area to BBQ and entertain, and by installing a swimming pool to enjoy. For year-long swimming, maybe invest in a Gas Pool Heating system so that it's ready to go and warm enough when you want to use it. Upgrade your landscaping by keeping your lawn in good shape and adding some plants and colourful flowers. Planting a vegetable garden is an enjoyable hobby and a great way to teach children some sustainable habits.

For those that live in a unit, there are also plenty of ways to make an oasis including wall planters, portable fountains, and even tubs to grow some veggies in.

Light it Up & Add Some Colour

Light up and brighten up your home with better lighting and more natural light if you want to enjoy it more. Have lighting options to set the right tone based on the time of day and whatever it is you're doing at the time. Add some colour through your décor and make your rooms comfortable and cosy so that you have places you can go to relax and put your feet up. Display candles, plants, and hang mirrors as some additional ways to achieve this goal of adding colour.

create an inviting kitchen

Create an Inviting Kitchen

If there's one room in your home you should focus on and invest in, it's the kitchen. Make your house a place you want to be and spend time by creating an inviting and attractive kitchen space. You not only cook and prepare meals there but also likely converse with your family members and visitors in this area. Having a better and more updated kitchen will also make you want to eat more meals at home and as a family, which is another good reason to stick around more.


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