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How to Make Your Home Feel Less Restrictive

How to Make Your Home Feel Less Restrictive

It would be fair to say that the entire world has got to know their home on an intimate level in 2020 and that familiarisation will likely continue as more and more individuals start working from home. Now rather than feeling compelled to escape our homes, what can we do to make the home feel less restrictive? We have explored new trends, spoken to savvy stylists and furniture stores in Melbourne to understand the small but significant changes you can make at home to establish a comfortable and spacious environment. Let’s get started.

Establish your essentials

Each of us is guilty of accumulating clutter, even if that clutter looks good or is shiny new. To create a less restrictive home, it’s time for you to cull these items from your living spaces and bedrooms, leaving only what is functional to your core needs. You can choose to put these things in storage or send them to Goodwill - either way, you will love that lighter feeling. Not only will this afford your home physical space, but it will have a positive effect on your mental health in seeing less clutter and balance spaces instead that provide a clear purpose.

Have clear zones

If you are working, relaxing, entertaining and dining under the same roof - it is no surprise that your four walls feel restrictive. Cast an analytical eye over your home and dictate clear zones in your home. Your bedroom is no place to set up your laptop and work for the day, and you shouldn’t be consuming meals in your office. This might be an issue of not setting boundaries rather than your home being restrictive. Be strict in honouring your zones so that you can literally and symbolically close the door on your workday and enter your relaxation space.

Introduce new light sources

It's undeniable the impact light has on our mood and how we perceive a space, and so you might find that this restrictive feeling is coming from your home feeling closed in. Try an experiment of keeping all curtains open, and even opening your windows during the day if weather permits. This extra light and a welcome breeze will liken your surroundings to being outside in a more spacious area, taking away that contained feeling. You might also want to test some new light bulbs for the evening if you are finding your current light quality to be oppressive or harsh.

Refresh your flow

It’s incredible what you can get used to if you are exposed to it long enough, like a living space that is disconnected and creating an awkward point of entry and flow. Just because your furniture has been in a certain position for a long time, does not mean you can’t refresh it and enjoy a more practical flow. If you are not sure where to start, clear all your furniture to the side, experience that clear space, and then think practically about your entry points and distance between your furnishings that will reduce that restrictive feeling.

How to Make Your Home Feel Less Restrictive

Consider indoor plants

Indoor plants are more than a fad, they are an opportunity to clean your oxygen and bring an atmosphere of tranquillity inside. You are less likely to feel restricted in your home if you are surrounded by vibrant plants and most of these indoor plants don’t require the maintenance that you might think they do. If you head to a nursery, tell them that the plants are for your home and tell them what sort of natural light they can receive so they find you the perfect plant.


It’s natural to feel restricted inside when you spend very little time outside and have started to work from home. A shift in mindset and shuffle of your belongings will go a long way in acquainting yourself with the space and changing the way you enjoy it.


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