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How to Renovate your Home when on a Tight Timeline and Financial Budget

hallway with mirror

You may be thinking about renovating or updating your home, but if you are on a tight deadline because you work most of the time, or if you are on a small budget because of your current financial situation, then this can throw a spanner into the works. Regardless, there are a few inexpensive ways for you to work around this.

Divide your home and work in sections

Earlier planning is the best thing you can do if you want to manage your renovation effectively. If you are renovating your entire property yourself, you have to see the bigger picture and the smaller parts. If you can, take the worst room in your home and then work from there. It would help if you then worked out what elements need the most attention in the room so that you can deal with the most significant issues first. If you can do this, you will soon find that things will work in your favour.

Don't ignore doors

The first impression people will get of your home would be the front door. If you cannot change the door because of your budget, give it a coat of paint or varnish to brighten it up. Internal doors may also impact the room's overall lighting, so be mindful of choosing a dark colour. A good rule of thumb would be for you to choose a colour for the door and then paint the walls in the hallway the same colour but 50% lighter. If you are on a budget, then too much of one shade can overpower a space, but at the same time, you need to achieve that level of consistency for the home to look good. By taking into account small rules like this, you can easily make your home look significantly better.

A stylish hall table with a mirror will also help lighten the hallway and give it some interest.

front door ideas for house


If you renovate your home, you will probably want to declutter to maximise your storage space. Remember, if you need to declutter, you can easily invest in a rubbish removal service rather than wait for the council removal day. Decluttering can instantly make a space look better.


Utilising the kitchen capacity you have can help you. Invest in storage or use up-cycled units around your home in the pantry. If the budget doesn't allow for the kitchen renovation, try updating with a coat of paint and new kitchen cupboard handles and declutter the benches.

It is worth taking out everything in your kitchen cupboards and rearranging them. You will probably throw out packaged food that is out of date, so plan your pantry where you can quickly see items, group them together and always rearrange your tins, etc., so the oldest is at the front. That will prevent you from wasting food.

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Dealing with Small Rooms

If you are renovating a small property and want it to look both bigger and more expensive, then one way for you to do this would be to try and use mirrors. Mirrors are a very inexpensive technique. Mirrors bounce light and are also great at accentuating how big a small space can feel, so be mindful of this if you can.


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