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How You Can Adopt or Sponsor a Dingo

In the last year and a half, I have been getting to know Dingoes here in Hawks Nest, where I live now. My first encounter was scary because I was bushwalking when two dingoes came running towards me. I ran for my life and have since found out that was the worst thing I could have done! Luckily for me, the dingoes were not interested in chasing me. Since then, I have met many dingoes, some well-known to the locals. When driving in the National Park, I came across a pack of four of them recently. I took some photos from the safety of my car.

dingoes in hawks nest
These three (and one hiding in the bush) I spotted recently

I've learned to respect and love dingoes, and I was delighted when I was able to sponsor Bindi, a dingo that has been cared for by Dingo Den. Dingo Den Animal Rescue is a registered Australian charity run by a national network of volunteers.

Dedicated to saving the wild-hearted, Dingo Den exists to save dingoes' lives, empower wildlife carers, and prevent the extinction of Australia's vulnerable fauna and flora.

Adopt a mate for life….

Every dingo in the care of Dingo Den has a unique story of how they came to be homeless. Though each dingo's story is different, they all have a common desire to belong to a loving home once again.

As a pack animal, dingoes love company! Not built for the solitary life, dingoes want to be with their families at all times - be that dingo, human or dog!

Giving a forever home to a needy dingo is an enriching experience. Adopting a dingo means saving a lost soul while gaining a friend for life. Dingoes have specific care requirements, so it is remarkable when someone is willing to give them everything they need for a long and happy future.

Open your heart and home to a friend for life and enjoy the adventurous adoption journey!

Partnering together through sponsorship

Love Saves Lives. Every day, Dingo Den's volunteer team pours out countless hours of love and devotion toward vulnerable dingoes who need help. Some vulnerable dingoes are displaced pets surrendered by their owners, while others were dumped or rescued from abusive homes. Perhaps the weakest of the dingoes helped are the tiny wild-born orphan pups, who are usually discovered starving and abandoned in the wild because their parents have been culled. Traumatised by the heartbreaking experiences they've endured, they wait for salvation.

Dingo Den volunteers give their lives to care for the wild-hearted and recognise that their loving supporters desire to help these vulnerable dingoes, too, with the personal touch of private sponsorship. The sponsorship program is an incredible experience for anyone who wants to get involved. It affords people the same privilege that the team values - helping the wild-hearted recover from sickness, trauma, and life-threatening situations. Sponsorship allows Dingo Den to save lives, and it gives the community a chance to be part of the entire rescue process. From the time they come into care, all the way through to adoption. The much-loved sponsors receive lots of behind-the-scenes info on their sponsor dingoes and have the opportunity to meet them in person to see first-hand the difference their contribution is making.

Please become part of the pack today by joining us through sponsorship!

Wild born orphan banjo is the perfect definition of a little Aussie battler. To read banjo's story, head over to


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