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If We Never Dance Again - Pete Murray

if we never dance again Pete Murray

Pete Murray has released his second official single ‘If We Never Dance Again’ from his forthcoming EP THE NIGHT, which is set for release Friday March 5 via Sony Music Entertainment Australia.

Written in LA in May 2019 on his first ever co-writing trip, Pete sat down with writer and producer Morgan Dorr to create the piano-heavy track. On its inception, Pete explains, “Morgan had the first line of the chorus written when I got to his place, which was, “If you never see my face again” and the three chords that played over this. We worked on the song all day and I even cancelled another session that I had booked in just so I could finish this song as it felt like this had so much potential.” After returning to Australia, the pair worked together across continents to produce the song you hear today.

The Video

Filmed and edited by regular collaborator Mos & Co, Pete explains, “Because the song is powerful and quite epic, I wanted a clip that would enhance this. I didn’t want this to be a literal video but more of an abstract one, so that when you watch it, you are more taken away by the beautiful cinematic footage while still keeping mystery at the end.” And the chemistry between the couple in the video is unmistakeable. A genuine romance and moment in time captured beautifully, they are partners in real life and were married between shoot days.

Recorded in his hometown of Byron Bay, THE NIGHT EP is inspired by his family and the life experiences that have gotten him to where he is today. It’s a poignant, introspective EP that highlights Pete’s iconic vocals and rich acoustic sound, and propels Pete further into the quintessential easy-listening sphere that he’s well-loved for. The EP is available for pre-order now and is set for release on March 5, delighting fans with an earlier release than originally scheduled.

With the earlier release date, Pete will be playing the new tracks, plus crowd favourites at the upcoming By The C Festival. For more dates and details on where you can hear him live, visit:


1. Found My Place

2. If We Never Dance Again

3. Because Of You

4. We’ll Be The Fire

5. The Fall Apart

6. Waiting For This Love


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