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Interview With Adam Thompson Lead Singer of Chocolate Starfish

Listen to my chat with Adam Thompson, the lead singer of the band about how the band originated, the new LP Beautiful Addiction and what's coming up for them this year.

The track was recorded on ZOOM, it's not video.

Chocolate Starfish are renowned for their individualistic approach, and electric live shows are not frightened to create music their way. The band have earned a solid reputation as one of Australia’s most formidable for their songwriting nuance, interpretations and ability to win over any crowd.

The track is typical Chocolate Starfish high energy that captivates from the opening chord to the final moments. It is hard to believe that it is coming up to three decades since their cover of Carly Simon’s You’re So Vain in 1994, and nothing much has changed, they are still directing the same amount of passion and energy into new recordings.

Listen to Whats Up?


Find out tour dates and more on the Chocolate Starfish website.


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