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Interview with Timothy and the Apocalypse

What inspires you to write these tracks and where do you draw inspiration?

I have had the privilege to experience many amazing things in my life, from performing and promoting raves in the early mid 90's, racing cars at a professional level for some 10 years, traveling the world guiding photographers to the most exotic locations for over 10 years and submerging myself in a multiplicity of uplifting and diverse roles and experiences in the music and creative industry. It's physically painful to not be inspired and creating something in this incredible life.

What sort of things were going on when you got in the zone and made the tracks?

That's the whole point, absolutely nothing. To fully immerse yourself in the creative process is the ultimate escape.

Where do you see this sort of music getting played?

I write and create so many different styles from downtempo, shoegaze/dream pop, indie electronic, drum and bass to dance - that my music appeals to a wide audience. It really suits so many different environments, from the chilled environment of your home to a bar, lounge, club and more. A number of people have suggested that my style would work well for a film score.

Any plans for gigs when the pandemic is over?

Hell yes, it would be awesome to take our music to the stage with session musicians to craft all the intricate melodies and rhythm. This is something that I will be looking at in early 2021.

Would you like to make some videos to match your music if so what sort of stuff would you put together?

Yes, definitely. I am currently creating all of the unique artwork to complement each track I release. The next phase is creating videos which will involve loads of time-lapse and dystopian themes.

I liked the 4/4 element of the coronavirus crisis track by mass experience.

And the others seemed to me very ambient.

Who are your top 3 electronic producers?

My top three would be Tycho, Chemical Brothers and DJ Cam.

What sort of hardware are you using if any?

Albeton Push. It's fundamentally good technology that enables you to translate your ideas into music with ease. Fender, Telecaster, Gretsch Hollowbody.

What is your favourite DAW?

Albeton 10.

What sort of goals do you have in your new career?

I'm only interested in being creative, having fun and hopefully inspiring people to be more thoughtful in life.

What sort of angle do you want to take on your next releases? Like which genres will you choose and why?

I never create with an end game in mind. I just let what ever emotions I'm dealing with at the time lead me and take me on a creative journey. I find that this authentic approach enables me to create music that is genuinely soulful and meaningful.

Have you always been an artist and in creative fields?

In my early teens, I started playing guitar and saxophone and haven't stopped creating something since. It's in my DNA and defines who I am.

If you could meet your younger self what would you say?

Listen to your instincts. Don't be scared to do the things that you fear or inspire you. Let your truth guide you. Be a good person.



Triky first released in 2006 with his electronic music journey starting in the psytrance scene of Byron Bay. He has made close to 20 releases.

The project today has been completely refined and the latest album was a marriage between creative flair and money invested in equipment, software and hardware.

The proceeds are pledged to helping community services.

You can find out more about Triky on his website "Triky Official"


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