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James Pratt Talks About Malibu Crush and His Career

I had the pleasure of chatting with Australian actor/director James Pratt today about his career and new movie Malibu Crush. Malibu Crush is the story of Two best friends from Pasadena who pretend to be highly acclaimed film school students to declare their love for an ex-girlfriend living in Sydney, Australia.

Some of James Pratt's Achievements
  • The Australian native has scored three Best Actor awards in 2022: Beyond Hollywood International Film Festival (BHIFF), Los Angeles Film Awards (LAFA) and the New York Movie Awards.

  • Pratt’s lead role of Michael Chase in Malibu Crush has garnered international attention ahead of the August release. The indie comedy secured U.S., European, and Canadian distribution through Cardinal XD, and Australian and New Zealand distribution via Bounty Films.

  • He starred, wrote and directed in Malibu Crush. Only independent Australian feature film to secure USA distribution last 12 months

  • He was in Celebrity Listed's 2019 Top 5 Under 35 in Australia’s Entertainment Industry

  • Hosted Season One of Conversation Hollywood which was a finalist for Best Pilot/ Episode at the 2020 Lift Off Awards

James Pratt Actor

Malibu Crush


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