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Simply Be More - A Book By Clare Langan

Clare Langan is an international flautist who has taken her communication skills as a performer to diverse audiences worldwide. She has pursued her passion for music her entire life but had a constant calling to write a book. I had the pleasure of interviewing Clare today.

Video interview below


Covid 19 afforded Clare Langan the time to complete 'Living Each Day the Fortune Cookie Way', and from that book sprang the idea of 'Simply Be More'. The whole ethos of the book is that life isn't determined by where we have come from; it is where we are going that is important. Through living and writing Living Each Day the Fortune Cookie Way, she transformed her life from fear to love, doubt to faith, and inaction to action.

Creating Living Each Day, the Fortune Cookie Way pushed Clare out of her comfort zone.

simply be more clare langan

In 2020, all of her flute-playing gigs were cancelled, resulting in plenty of time to start creating. She decided to make a drawing every day for 100 days. Quite incredible, considering she hadn't drawn since she was thirteen this resulted in Simply Be More.

Where did the concepts originate? From years of seeking a spiritual life, years of reading self-help books.

They were the balm that restored her health and enabled her to acclimate to 2020. They appeared out of thin air, during one of her runs, in a dream, or on the morning pages. The drawings and affirmations have demonstrated to Clare how lessons are present everywhere. If we merely tune in to hear what the world is saying and listen and look with our hearts—every glance teaches us something.

These pictures should make it easier for you to hear your soul's nudges and get you started using affirmations.


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