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Miracle Hair Loss Formula Made With Aussie Outback Fruit

Hair Folli

Combat hair loss, dry, or damaged hair, with newly formulated superfood-infused Hair Folli serum. Widely becoming hailed as a 'miracle' product, its key ingredient, the Kakadu Plum, is an outback fruit claimed to be five times as potent in antioxidants than blueberries.

Aboriginal peoples have applied the Kakadu Plum for medicinal use for thousands of years. With antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, the plum treats skin ailments and fights infection. What's more, while the harvest of the fruit lasts from March to June, the tree sap can be accessed year-round to effectively treat joint inflammation. Even the tree's bark offers pharmaceutical value and is a powerful natural product to treat skin infections, burns, and rashes.

For those wondering how this all translates to hair growth, the serum's primary mechanism targets an increase in the stimulation of blood flow to hair follicles. As a vasodilator, this process occurs without the use of artificial chemicals. Hair Folli's extensive clinical research into the Kakuda Plum's qualities also revealed unmatched levels of Vitamin C - which optimises hydration for users battling dry and damaged hair. Aside from the Kakuda Plum, the serum contains a wealth of other carefully selected superfoods, including Licorice root extract and Nigella Sativa seed extract. According to Hair Folli, each ingredient will either "provide nutrients directly to the follicle, block internal factors which trigger hair loss or promote circulation."

Hair Folli

Hair Folli's research suggests that users typically see noticeable results after 60 days of daily application. Although, creator Trung Vien is so confident in its efficacy that he is offering a full refund if customers do not see satisfactory results after this period.

Anyone interested in purchasing a bottle can visit: for further details and pricing. Purchasers should note that 100% of profits made by Hair Folli are donated directly to charities supporting Mental Health.


By Eibhlis Gale-Coleman.

Eibhlis Gale - Coleman is currently travelling full time on a gap year. She has lived in Sydney for the past eleven months, working as an au-pair and stablehand.

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