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Neo Home Collection Luxury Soy Candles

Neo Home Collection

Neo Home Collection has launched its signature collection of luxe soy candles, designed to fill your home with enticing and lush aromas hand-selected by the brand's candle-maker Jason Neophytou. Each Signature Soy Candles scent was chosen for its complexity in order to improve ambience, mood, and elicit an emotional response.

The Signature Collection includes seven fragrances sourced from high-quality artisans in Australia and around the world. Each scent was hand-picked for its composition and uniqueness in order to create welcoming spaces for homeowners and their guests. Each candle is then hand-crafted and housed in a high-gloss vessel accented by the brand's signature gold-topper - designed as a heat-resistant surface and to make an interior statement when not in use.

‘There is a high degree of chemistry required to produce the perfect candle,' said head candle maker Jason Neophytou. We use 100% natural soy wax, which is notoriously difficult to work with, so each candle is handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality. From binding the fragrance at the optimal temperature to hand pouring and even selecting the correct wick – each of these details distinguishes our collection and makes it a favourite among candle connoisseurs.

The Neo Home Signature Collection Includes:

  • Femme: Stylish, sexy and flirty. Femme has a French designer fragrance feel. It combines powdery florals with a hint of citrus, while vanilla and woods create a lustful and linger scent.

  • Homme: Masculine, seductive and alluring. Homme has a refreshing cologne feel with notes of bergamot, cedarwood, warm leather and musk at its base.

  • Opulence: Luxurious, refined and rich. Featuring precious Oud Wood, this scent combines vibrant bergamot, amber, leather and elemi to create an inviting home fragrance that is the perfect balance of sweet and woody.

  • Tropics: Vibrant, refreshing and crisp. This scent transports the senses on a tropical escape with its blend of mixed melons, aquatic sea spray and palm leaf for the ultimate getaway vibe.

  • Zen: Calming, fresh & exotic. Inspired by high-end spas, this invigorating aroma combines lemongrass and a dash of citrus on a base of vanilla and sage to transport the senses to Bali.

  • Sensual: Provocative, bold & daring. This rich oriental scent blends myrrh, musk and florals, on a base of tonka bean and amber to create a mystical and sexy aroma.

  • Lust: Inviting, alluring & enticing. This sinful scent blends soft florals and woods, followed by a creamy vanilla overlay. Notes of orchid, sandalwood and citrus make Lust a showstopper.

Neo Home Collection Signature Soy Candles $35.

Available online from The Signature Collection is also available in complementing reed diffusers.


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