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P’Nut Street Noodles New Collaboration With Chef Matt Sinclair

P’Nut Street Noodles New Collaboration With Chef Matt Sinclair

From June, customers to the family-owned P'Nut Street Noodles casual dining restaurants across New South Wales and Queensland will have a chance to go on an Asian street food journey with three new warming-winter dishes created by former MasterChef Australia star Matt Sinclair!

Leveraging from Matt’s lifelong passion for Asian cuisine and his extensive knowledge and experience from his travels throughout South-East Asia, the three exclusive new dishes include; deliciously decadent Hoisin Duck Noodles, a wholesome yet flavour-packed Green Curry Fried Rice and a rich and creamy Thai Coconut Soup.

chef matt sinclair

"Matt Sinclair quickly gained a loyal following on MasterChef Australia for his fantastic cooking and quirky sense of humor,” says Petra Orrenius, Group General Manager at P’Nut Street Noodles. “His partnership with us is sure to please fans of authentic street food experiences and as an incredible chef, he will celebrate the humble flavour profiles of Thai dishes making sure P’Nut customers will be able to enjoy them across all our stores in a fun and convenient way."

Using only high-quality, locally sourced produce, P’Nut customers will be able to enjoy Hoisin Duck Noodles, a sweet and savoury match made in heaven with succulent duck breast slices tossed with rice noodles in a fragrant and flavourful sauce; a mouth-watering Green Curry Fried Rice with a rich blend of coconut milk and aromatic Thai green curry; and a rich, creamy Thai Coconut Soup that is the perfect cold weather dish, topped with crispy fried noodles, greens and sprouts.

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These new affordable, high-quality dishes are packed with uncompromising flavour that are wok’d fresh on the spot to order with no additives, no nasties and no MSG.

“I am passionate about delicious Asian cuisine that’s accessible and convenient for everyday Aussies looking for an easy go-to lunch or dinner, so building on the knowledge and experience of P’Nut Street Noodles, I was able to put my own personal twist on these classic dishes through this collaboration which was a natural fit for me,” says Matt Sinclair.

P’Nut Street Noodles

“Thai food is perfect for winter and these dishes bring the flavours of a true Asian street food experience with sauces made from scratch and by using traditional street-style cooking techniques.”

The dishes will be available for takeaway and dine in customers throughout winter. Find your nearest location or more information here


Each day the restaurant will take you on a taste journey to the streets of Asia, one delicious slurp at a time with their signature sauces. At P’Nut they do it the real way – grinding their chilli paste, never using processed ingredients or cutting corners, and honouring the techniques and flavours of an Asian street kitchen with their freshly wok’d street food.

The restaurant were on a mission to create the perfect sauces to transport you straight to the streets of Asia, so they partnered with a Michelin-star Chef in Thailand to perfect the magic formula! With their made-from-scratch sauces combining up to 22 carefully selected ingredients and the highest quality produce, they created the sauce of real Asian street food. Read more about the history of P’Nut Street noodles here


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