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Shine on the Story - The Near Death Experience of David Ditchfield

Shine on the Story - The Near Death Experience of David Ditchfield

Ever since I was a young girl I have asked the question 'what is the purpose of life?' I've always been interested in why we are here and what happens to us when we die. I have read hundreds of stories about Near Death Experiences and I can't count how many videos I have watched. It is a fascinating subject and one of my best resources is NDERF.

I had read about David Ditchfield quite a while ago and also watched an interview he did. Recently I came across another interview with David and I purchased his book Shine on The Story. David's book is so interesting I read it in one day, I could not put it down. I reached out to David on Instagram and asked him would he do an interview with me, and to my delight he agreed. You can see the interview below. In a nutshell, David was run over by a train, he then had a near death experience (left his body but was fully aware of what was happening in a new realm) and came back to spread the message of love. As well, David acquired skills of an artist and he has composed classical music even though he can't read or write music. By the way David is dyslexic.

Enjoy the interview and more about David and some of his artwork is shared on this post too.

David Ditchfield is an artist, composer and author. In 2006, he was dragged under a speeding train in a freak accident. As the surgeons fought to save him, he had a profound Near-Death Experience. He later realised that he had acquired astonishing new abilities. The first, an ability to create dramatic paintings of what he’d seen in the Afterlife. The second, the ability to compose classical music, despite being unable to read or write any musical notation. His debut symphony premiered at a sell-out orchestral concert to a standing ovation. He has since composed further classical works, also premiered at sell out performances and continues to paint and compose in Cambridge, UK.

David Ditchfield

David’s Website

David on Instagram

David on Facebook

David on SoundCloud

David’s book

SHINE ON: The Remarkable Story of How I Fell Under a Moving Train, Journeyed to the Afterlife, and the Astonishing Proof I Brought Back with Me

SHINE ON foreword:

SHINE ON Foreword has been written by Dr Raymond Moody Jr, MD., Physician, psychologist and philosopher, who coined the term near-death experience in Life After Life, which sold 14 million copies.

Shine On endorsements:

“SHINE ON is one of the most gripping accounts of a near-death experience that I have read. And I say that having interviewed, since 1965, thousands of people who described such experiences. David's story also evokes...a primal horror of being dragged under and run over by a train. I still remember the chill that went down my spine.” Dr Raymond Moody Jr, MD.,

“Wonderful. Shine On is a fascinating account of an extraordinary experience and I recommend everyone read this book to understand the true importance and power of NDE's.” Dr Penny Satori, Author of The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences

“Amazing, amazing, beautiful book. I absolutely loved it. David’s miraculous and moving story reads like a novel that brings you to tears. He used his spiritual experience to truly look within and change the trajectory of his life...beautifully weaves together the importance of the intersection of psychology and spirituality.” Dr Amy Robbins, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Host of Life, Death and The Space Between Podcast

“An Amazing story of personal and spiritual transformation, beautifully and clearly described Steve Taylor PhD, author of The Leap and Spiritual Science

“Wow! Absolutely riveting! It’s so powerful and compelling! So impressed by the quality of the writing and the great story and how real and grounded David comes across.” Lisa Smartt, MA, Author of Words at the Threshold: What We Say as We're Nearing Death

Enjoy some of David's Music, please visit Shine on the Story website for more.

For more stories like this, please visit my other blog The Jasmine in the Forest.


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