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Show You Care With Personalised Greeting Cards

Moonpig personalised greeting cards

What better way to surprise someone on their birthday than a card designed just for them! I recently searched through Moonpig in order to create a birthday card for my daughter, Grace, that was cute and relevant. She's a personal trainer and working out is her gig! As you can see from the card above that I found the perfect card! It didn't take long to create, and it was delivered quickly as well.

I thought I'd add another personal touch for Grace, so I scrolled through the mugs to see if I could find something appropriate; and there it was right in front of my face "Princess", so I created "Princess Grace".

Personalised mugs moonpig

The team at Moonpig came up with their concepts to personalise a piece of paper and turn it into a message of care. After all, when someone makes an effort to send you a personalised gift, it is a touching gesture. The same with personalised mugs they offer plenty of ways to use your creativity to personalise a gift.

Moonpig offers over 10,000 designs giving people creative freedom and infinite possibilities to show they care. They deliver over 16 million cards a year! Cards can be designed on the desktop, mobile or app.

How I chose mine was to search 'fitness' 'gym' 'working out' and this card came up and knowing my daughter's humour I instantly chose this one. For the cup I scrolled through until I saw this design.

Personalised gifts are a great way to show you care.


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