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Spring clean your body with these tips

Written by Wylde:

Spring clean your body with these tips

Spring cleaning these days does not only refer to going through your house and detoxing your environment; it can also refer to spring cleaning your body straight after the winter slump! Winter, we can agree, is one of the most ‘comfortable’ seasons where some of us look for more of a comfort food group and reduce the amount of physical activity we do per week. Although it is always hard to come out of a winter season, springtime is the perfect opportunity to detox your mind, body and soul in the lead up to summer. Here are five tips to help you detox this spring:

Increase outdoor time

Increasing your time outdoors this spring will assist with your spring detox. Typically most of the winter season is spent inside for several reasons, mainly due to the poor weather conditions. Next time you have a spare half an hour, why not go for a short walk around the block or a quick run in the park. Breathing in fresh air is always a key ingredient to a detox.


Springtime is a great time to find a stretching routine that suits you. Although you can have a great stretching routine any time of the year, spring is a beautiful season to start practising some outdoor stretches. Using introductory yoga poses and simple stretches at the beginning of your day can put you into a better mood and assist your muscles in feeling energised and ready for the day!

Eat seasonally
Spring clean your body with these tips

Spring is one of the most delicious seasons of the year. Typically, our fruits and vegetables in the Australian climate tend to thrive in the warmer months, giving us endless opportunities to mix up our diets and find fresh produce to include in our meal plans. Passionfruit, pineapples and bananas are known to be spring fruits, so next time you are doing your weekly shop, try adding some seasonal fruit to your basket.


Water has always been a critical ingredient for detoxing as it allows our body to flush out any unwanted toxins naturally. Whilst the months get warmer; our hydration levels become lower. Ensuring you adjust your water intake according to the warmer climate will ensure that your body obtains an appropriate amount of hydration to match the spring season.


To complement a healthy springtime diet, now might be a great time to find a supplement that partners well with your detox and lifestyle. Wylde protein, a plant-based collection of protein powders explicitly designed for women, is carefully developed by a nutritionist and dietitian to ensure that super ingredients such as Iron, maca, and magnesium are available to them to complement their nutrition.


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