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Sydney Dance Music Events

I recently attended 2 dance music events in Sydney. I haven’t been to a night in years. In fact the last night I attended was one of my own cross promoted with a friend from the music scene. The scape of music has changed subtlety and a lot.

From what I can see the base of all top 100 music is now 4/4 dance music, and I think as far as producers go, far less people are learning traditional instruments and today’s software allows people to get up to speed far quicker than playing a guitar or drums for years on end. Similar things are being expressed through modern electronic dance music as would have been in rock and roll, punk, blues or others.

I went to “alpha empire 3” and went to see “vini vici” at the latest transmission. Vini vici is the #1 psytrance artist in the world with the widest audience. Alpha was a hardstyle / raw and core night which was equally as mind blowing. One for some hard and nasty then a slightly more down tempo night at transmission.

sydney dance scene

The crowds were huge and it gave promises of a bright future for the Australian music scene. The 2020’s could be reflected on like a new era of love and light and new sounds and genres. If you aren’t familiar with vini vici check him out and the headliner of alpha empire 3, killshot combines clean as pop hooks and shiny riffs with a completely dirty kick and bass for really good contrast. Nothing like seeing it out in effect and at a party and there is one thing I have to note. There is a niche style of dancing that has seemed to emerge from after the time when I first got involved with these things so YouTube “hakk dance” or “muzz” if you want to see what’s out there these days. But Most importantly have fun :)


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