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Team Building in a Post Pandemic World

Music Team Building

COVID-19 brought live music to a halt, but after two years in 2022, not anymore.

With the easing of community Safe-Management Measures, it’s high time for face-to-face team building in Sydney. Now is the time to jam, bond and have fun again!

We’ve been hearing this from our recent BANDINC participants: “This is our first corporate team building session in Sydney in 2 years…”

Connect outside of work

Over the past two years, the digital world has robbed us of authentic real life team experiences. It’s now time for us to take it back!

Team bonding activities in Sydney gives us a chance to connect with one another at a deeper level, in body and spirit, beyond just the 9 to 5 work routine.

We often have to deal with precision at work, which tends to involve more left-brain processing. Ideally, our left brain’s work has to be balanced with our right brain’s development, which involves creativity, imagination and play.

It's time for music to help instil that right-left brain balance and confidence in performing with precision and maintaining great team spirit.

Raise individual and corporate morale

Indoor team building events in Sydney doesn’t have to be boring. It can be as engaging and fulfilling as outdoor adventures! Watch how a drummer maintains a steady rhythm for 5 mins. Or a beginner realising his/her dream on the electric guitar and bass. Wow! Get it?

Rock band music allows for a greater engagement with ourselves and others - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Leadership lessons amplified

In a post pandemic world, the importance of Leadership hasn’t changed. In fact, Leadership is more crucial than ever before.

Leadership is about clarity, collaboration, consistency, commitment, courage and change management.

Through our BANDINC program, participants will get to exercise and experience these elements in stress-free play.

Music is best for indoor team building

Here are some reasons why music is a great way to bring your team together!

  • Music is inclusive as it creates a family culture where everyone has a voice and everyone is important.

  • Music amplifies your personality and informs yourself and others your state of being.

  • Music raises the company morale.

  • Music can help kick-start the work year with a bang as well as end off a good year with a celebration.

  • Musical Leadership is about clarity, collaboration, commitment and change management.

  • Music helps to set the spirit free from mental depression.


As we transition to living in the post-pandemic world, let’s seize the opportunity to build stronger, trusting relationships with one another. In the process, we would create more possibilities and potential for the formation of better teams.

Here’s to the discovery of a better version of ourselves through music! Join us for a fun and unique team building event experience, here in Sydney. Let’s go!


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