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The Glebe Hotel Sydney

Reviewed by Carlo Caponecchia

The Glebe Hotel Sydney

The Glebe Hotel May 2019

The Glebe Hotel is a stalwart of the Sydney drinking scene, established in 1862. Many more contemporary diners and drinkers would be familiar with the terrace pub from their misspent youth at the then Aussie Youth Hotel. Others had thought it was a youth hostel which in part sparked the move back to its roots, and renaming as The Glebe. See spelling really is important…

The Glebe has recently undergone a major renovation but still preserved its charm and best loved features. Don’t worry, Nude, the infamous upstairs event space is still partying on.

For the uninitiated, Nude is a chic chandeliered venue where the walls are lined in vintage nude portraits, which have seen decades of inner-city shindigs. The main bar is structurally unchanged and retains its chesterfields and traditional pub feel.

Downstairs, Stables Bar and Grill presents a cosy dining option with the menu curated by British Head Chef Ben Allcock. It’s a warm space, with a coachhouse country feel, and the jacaranda mural on the wall makes it unique and inviting. Low noise and good lighting get a big tick - so rare in Sydney restaurants. This space encourages comfort and conversation.

Menu the Glebe Hotel

The hummus and roast chickpeas is a good small plate to share, as are the Cloudy Bay clams with cider, bacon and thyme. The chargrilled Spatchcock was a really generous portion and was tenderly paired with cavolo nero and panzanella.

The Glebe Hotel Sydney

Sometimes a night’s just not complete without a pannacotta wobble, and the Stables’ butterscotch pannacotta was the standout dish. It’s perfectly accompanied by a pistachio and cinnamon crumble for a contrasting crunch.

All the usual pub suspects are here too, with burgers, steaks, and counter meals and there’s a long lunch set menu, and a Sunday roast.

The Glebe has always been a great venue – it’s got something for everyone, from the traditional bar, to the courtyard, the cool event space, and the renovated restaurant. It might be time to go back and relive your youth.

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The Glebe Hotel


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