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The Sydney start-up transforming modern gardening with veganic plants

Sydney Ceroote

Ceroote is the world’s first plant brand catering for vegans and conscious consumers. With an ethos of “Plants With Respect”, Sydney based start-up, Ceroote has a vision to set the trend for the future of indoor and outdoor gardening through an emerging way of ethical growing called veganic gardening.

Plants have the power to lift the spirit, calm the mind and clean the air in our homes. The wellbeing benefits from plants have been scientifically proven to boost productivity and reduce stress and anxiety. Ceroote’s beautiful handmade pots and seed kits are designed for the modern gardener, made to counteract today’s throwaway culture and help us embrace slow living.

Ceroote seed kit

Ceroote offers indoor plants and seed kits by using a vegan and organic philosophy, sourcing their seeds, plants and soils in the most sustainable way. Veganic stands for “vegan and organic” and is a new way of gardening that minimises the use of animal products and is 100% organic. There is no livestock blood, bone or manure in any of Ceroote’s soils.

As the by-products from food industries are both exploitative and can carry disease, veganic agriculture is considered a safer and healthier way to grow our indoor plants and herbs. Mona Seymour, an associate professor of Urban and Environmental studies in a Los Angeles University provides that veganic gardening is a way to avoid food safety issues such as E. coli transmission from manures and veterinary antibiotic uptake by plants associated with the use of animal products in agriculture.[1]

Founded by Lila, a city apartment dweller with a love for sustainable design, Ceroote was born on a mission to transform Lila’s apartment into a sustainable green home. “I only wanted to bring natural and sustainable materials into the home. When I started buying herbs and plants and read into soil labels with ingredients like chicken blood, there was a gap in the market for ethically grown plants” Lila says.

Lisa founder Ceroote

For decades we have been sold commercial soils full of by-products from the food industry. It’s time to welcome sustainable greenery into our homes. Ceroote has developed a veganic soil composition tailored to each of their plants which is 100% organic and uses the least animal by-products as possible while giving plants the highest quality nutrients.

Ceroote’s packaging materials are biodegradable or recyclable and their handmade planters are designed in Australia. Seed kits start at $29 and indoor plants start at $69.

Ceroote launches on 25th September. Limited pre-orders are available from 25th August at

[1] Refer to Mona’s project at <> and the safety finding in the post at <>.

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