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Theatre Review: ​​​​​​Lucha Fantastica 

​​​​​​Lucha Fantastica                           

The Factory Theatre

Reviewed by Ron Lee, CSP

​​​​​​Lucha Fantastica 

The high-energy Lucha Fantastica was on at The Factory Theatre. Lucha libre is Mexico's version of professional wrestling, and with most of the athletes being smaller and more agile, it's generally faster and more high-flying. 

There are necessarily "faces" and "heels". The main "face" on the night was Chico who regularly poured tequila into the mouths of ringside fans and he had a Mini Me, a midget wrestler who was dressed identically and also lubricated the spectators. 

One of the heels was San Benito who was dressed like the Pope and had valet in the style of Jesus. Piggy Smalls was impressively agile for a big man and regular fans predictably chanted “Oink Oink!”

With an audience that contained Mexicans, Peruvians and Colombians, it was no surprise that the gringo Texas Ranger was roundly booed. It helped that he kept on yelling “Shut up!” And flipping them the double bird. Doctor Loco wrestled in a doctor’s dust coat, which must have been difficult. There’s an Australian wrestler called Billabong Dundee. All of the wrestlers are fit, agile and athletic. 

​​​​​​Lucha Fantastica 

Sue Plex, who has more a drag queen name than a wrestling name ended up being a guy. Shouldn’t be surprised these days, even though it usually goes the other way. Complementing the matches were Mexican music and dance, fire twirling and a pinata. Did I mention that most of the performers wear masks, and the merch table was very popular?

Everyone in the audience was out to have a great time and the show was good at pumping them up. However, the ring lighting could be dramatically improved and also the positioning of the photographers. There was no seating so you need to be prepared to stand for three hours.

Lucha Fantastica is an Australian nod to lucha libre, with The Kangaroo Kids coming closest to the real deal. Still, it's a high-energy, entertaining, fun and engaging evening.

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