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Upbeat and Positive a Website for Good Things


In 2021 I launched a new blog, 'Upbeat and Positive', because I was tired of the doom and gloom in the news and how the world was reacting to the virus (I can't even bring myself to mention the word). We will leave it at that. I genuinely desire to have a space where people can read good news stories about people, nature, conservation, motivation, inspiration and anything that helps keep us in a good mindset.

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Upbeat and Positive was created in a world riddled with chaos and fear to share inspiring and uplifting stories with the rest of the globe. We transmit positive energy about the environment, health, inspirational individuals, nature, mindfulness, and other great topics.


Do you have a motivational tale to tell? Get in touch with us. Visit the news area to discover what we're up to. We enjoy sharing stories about bravery, community, nature, and everything positive.

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These are challenging times. Many people are struggling with stress, finances, and a sense of security. The mainstream media are propagating fear and negative news. Upbeat and Positive was created to take readers away from the negativity, share beautiful stories, make a difference, and make the world a better place.


The website also offers a range of positivity jewellery, including my own crystal bracelet designs.


Upbeat and Positive welcomes editorial submissions. Submissions must be 700 words or longer, focused on topics of interest to our readers, and self-promotion-free. Authors are requested to submit a two- or three-line bio about themselves and their work, which will be published at the conclusion of the article. Please use links rather than footnotes to identify sources, and if possible, attach a large photo with the narrative (but this is not needed).

Please send photographs as png files for formatting purposes rather than embedding them in the document. We have access to thousands of royalty-free stock photos. 

We reserve the right to rewrite captions and edit content after talking with the author, but only if significant changes are made.


Note that SEO marketers requesting links to their clients will not receive a response.

Articles must not be a plug for commercial purposes.

Contact: deb (at)


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