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Violinist and concert master Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich to play to raise funds for cancer

Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich

On 26 October 2019 Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich, director of Inner West Institute of Music and concert master of The Metropolitan Orchestra (TMO), will take the stage as the solo feature artist in Max Bruch’s violin concerto with TMO. This work is often listed as one of the top ten violin concertos of all time. Victoria will be donating 100% of her concert fee to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Charity.

Professor Chris O’Brien was a man of leadership, vision and courage. He inspired people, both through his work as a cancer specialist and through his own three-year battle with an aggressive brain tumour. He advocated for a holistic approach to cancer treatment until his death from this tumour in 2009. The Lifehouse Charity continues his amazing work.

Cancer has also touched Victoria’s life in many ways. Her mother was diagnosed with, and survived breast cancer. Her grandmother was not so fortunate, passing from lung and breast cancer.

Victoria and Chris’s families’ lives have been interwoven in many ways. Chris’s daughter Juliette and Victoria were in the same year at school together and both received scholarships in 1997. Victoria’s mum Nelly had just finished chemotherapy treatment when she first met Chris at the Scholarship dinner and was touched by his warm and giving nature.

Like Victoria, Juliette was also violinist in the school’s orchestra and ensembles. Their lives continued a strange parallel when both lost their brothers at a young age to unexpected health circumstances. Victoria has commissioned a special arrangement by young composer, Aiden Rosa, in memory of her late brother, Henry Jacono. This will be played at the concert performance.

Victoria says “music has healed my heart and ultimately saved me from depression after my brother’s passing. In a time of emotional instability, practising and focusing on my violin was what saved me. This propelled my decision to be a musician for life.”

“Music helps me to ride the emotional waves of life. I hope to inspire other young people who may be going through difficult times to turn to the power of music for healing. It’s such a powerful energy that touches people of any age or background. It has the power to connect people without any barrier of language.”

“I am also honoured to be able to donate my concert fee to an organisation that has such significant meaning to the trajectory of my life.”

The Metropolitan Orchestra performance on 26 October 2019 will be held at Eugene Goosens Hall, 700 Harris Street Ultimo.

Tickets can be purchased through:

For more information about TMO and the concert series visit:

For more information about the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse visit:


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