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What is Your Real Wedding Story?

documentary wedding photography

Documentary wedding photography chronicles significant events like weddings. Rather than focusing just on the bride and groom, documentary wedding photography will portray how the day was by capturing authentic moments. Rather than asking people to play up to the camera or even acknowledge it, documentary wedding photographs capture genuine, un-staged, and natural moments as they unfold.

Documentary wedding photographers take more specialised images, and as you look through the pictures on this website, you'll see a distinct difference.

Take a look at why you might consider using documentary-style wedding photography for your big day.

documentary-style wedding photography


Each wedding has a different flow to it and a different atmosphere. If you want to have photos that capture you and the people you love, this style is for you in showcasing the moments that matter.

This type of photography captures authentic moments and translates them to film. Nothing through the day if forced, faked, or posed.


"Look at me yeah, yes, tilt your chin down, a bit more, now look left a little bit - a bit more, okay it's not working."

If you have ever had to pose for a photo, you know that it can be a long process. Some people pose naturally and with what seems like no effort at all. While others are trying their best, and it just doesn't work.

Documentary photographers will move around the venue and the people discretely without being noticed at all. They often capture tiny glances, smiles, and the most authentic moments - all free of poses.

What's more, the flow and enjoyment of the day don't need to be interrupted so people can stand together for a photograph.

documentary-style wedding photography

Could there be anything better than being completely surprised by the photos that you have received? Imagine looking through your pictures and discovering moments that you didn't know existed at your wedding? You'll see unposed, in-the-moment photos of all the people you care about.

Each photo that you see will also fill in the moments when you weren't there. For example, as you are toasting to your new life, the guest reactions might not all catch your eye. Or, if you are deep in conversation elsewhere in the room, you might miss a niece or nephew getting a wedding cake on their nose.

Documentary-style wedding photos can build you an even bigger picture of your wedding days.


When people don't feel posed or the camera lens on them, they will be authentic. Documentary wedding photography captures people in their natural states when they are photographed without knowing.

Genuine smiles, real tears, and real enjoyment and love are evident when the photographer doesn't need to interrupt people for photos. Instead, your photographer has the freedom to move and capture as they see fit.

Of course, if you want a big family posed photo - they will be able to do that too!

Documentary-style wedding photography allows the photographer to build a story around you. They carefully and masterfully take photos throughout the day to give you wedding photos that will blow you away.

Each moment of joy, little shared whispers, and sheer delight all get caught on film.

documentary-style wedding photography

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