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Why Australia is One of The World’s Most Popular Countries to Visit

With its natural beauty, laid-back culture and energised cities, it’s understandable that Australia is one of the world’s most popular countries to visit. Millions of tourists descend on its shores every year to experience its sun-drenched coastline, red-hued deserts and majestic rainforests, not to mention the largest coral reef in the world.

Read on to discover six reasons why Australia is such a popular travel destination and why it should be on your vacation wish list. At Rentola Sydney, you’ll find places to stay across the length and breadth of the country, whether you’re planning a city escape in Sydney or venturing off the beaten track in the Northern Territory. It’s a simple way of connecting with property owners who want to share their passion for life “Down Under”.

australian aboriginal

1. It’s made for road tripping

With its wide, open roads and majestic landscapes, Australia is ideally explored from behind the wheel, with your family or best friend alongside. It’s an easy place for international guests to drive, with generally safe conditions (on the left-hand side of the road).

You could spend months travelling around the entire country or focus your attention on a shorter route, with the Gibb River Road and the Nullarbor Plain two of the most popular. With a couple of weeks up your sleeve, you could drive yourself around Tasmania to discover its spectacular national parks and hidden beaches. Or if you only have three days to spare, then the road trip from Melbourne to Sydney shouldn’t be overlooked.

Hyams Beach

2. The beaches are sublime

Boasting around 34,000 kilometres of coastline, Australia is a nation that is obsessed with being in, on or near the water. Its beaches are among the most beautiful in the world and offer something for everyone, whether you’re a big-wave surfer chasing huge barrels or a family looking for shallow rock pools to fossick in.

If you want to tick some of Australia’s best beaches off your list, then head to Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands or Cable Beach in Broome. You can kick back on the blindingly white sands of Hyams Beach on the South Coast of New South Wales or discover the seal-dotted bay of Kangaroo Island.

3. The native wildlife is abundant

With 80% of Australia’s wildlife endemic to the country, it’s understandable why some tourists come solely for the animals. From big-muscled kangaroos to cuddly koalas and Tasmanian devils, the creatures “Down Under” are like nowhere else.

You can swim with whale sharks on Ningaloo Reef or meet the adorable quokkas of Rottnest Island before learning about the plight of Tasmania’s iconic devils. In addition to wild encounters, Australia’s animal sanctuaries enable you to support native species undergoing rehabilitation and ensure their long-term survival.

koala bear

4. It’s home to the world’s oldest continuous culture

Having called the continent “home” for tens of thousands of years, Australia’s First Nations people have a deep, spiritual connection to the land and water. As you travel around, you’ll encounter hundreds of different cultural groups, each with its own language and creation stories.

Journey into the Dreamtime with Indigenous guides while diving and snorkelling off the Queensland coast or climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge while getting an Aboriginal perspective on the city. In Kakadu National Park, you can follow in the footsteps of Australia’s First Nations people while discovering centuries-old rock art before experiencing the island culture of the Torres Strait.

northern territory

5. The diversity of landscapes is staggering

Due to its sheer size, Australia encompasses eight different climate zones, from the tropical north to the temperate south. The landscapes are wildly different from one end of the country to the next, ranging from windy alpine plateaus to bird-filled billabongs and majestic sandstone monoliths.

In the heart of the Outback, you can hike through seemingly barren deserts before heading to the Victorian High Country to ski. You can kayak along the edge of ancient rainforests in Tasmania’s UNESCO-listed wilderness or swim at the base of spectacular waterfalls in Litchfield National Park. No matter what outdoor activity you are craving, Australia has endless options available.

nelson falls

6. The local gastronomy is second to none

While Australia has few dishes it can call its own, the country’s multicultural makeup means it offers cuisine from around the globe. In the big cities, you’ll find restaurants serving up everything from Syrian to Burmese and Senegalese cuisine, together with cafes offering some of the best espresso in the world.

If you’re a fan of wine, then you’ve come to the right place, with legendary drops being produced in the Hunter Valley, the Barossa Valley and Margaret River. Australia’s foodie culture has a focus on seasonal and local produce, which is showcased during gastronomic festivities throughout the year.

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