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Why We Love Curiosity Journal (And You Should, Too!)

curiosity journal

Journalling has always helped me get motivated when I get stuck, and I also journal daily to keep myself on track with my goals. I use two journals in the morning. The first one is a creative and writing journal where I start with my gratitude list. Then I write down my top 4 goals as if they are already achieved. For instance, I don't write "my goal is to have 12 clients a month"; rather, I write ", I am providing my services to 12 clients each month and helping them achieve their own goals". That's just an example, by the way.

After I write my goals, I then write a few steps I need to take that day to get closer to them and followed by any achievements that have happened concerning my goals. Lastly, I write down an affirmation. I also drew something on the page with coloured pencils.

When that journalling is over, I've recently been writing in my Curiosity Journal. This Journal is helpful in asking the right questions to ascertain where I want to be, what I could do better and question why I have certain obstacles in the way.

In a nutshell:

Whether it's a new professional path, a company concept you want to launch, a personal challenge you want to take on, or your next goal, the Curiosity Journal can help you tap into your most powerful asset: Curiosity.

The Curiosity Mindset is a methodology developed by thought leaders in the fields of psychology, mindset, business, and productivity.

There are many pages to write down your thoughts plus tools to help you ask the right questions and become creative such as:

Question generator — created to pique your interest and help you ask better questions. Action generator - a tool that prompts you to take action. Curiosity maps are a set of frequently asked questions regarding often encountered problems.

The Curiosity Compost heap is a way to keep track of all of your questions and interests in one location that you can access at any time. It frees up mental space because there isn't as much swirling around in your thoughts. I look at it as a brain dump. When I first received the Curiosity Journal, I spent a fair bit of time writing in my 'compost heap' and have found this a fantastic process to free up my mind and figure out solutions.

You can purchase a copy here for yourself or as a wonderful gift for someone you love. Curiosity Journals can also be branded for corporate gift-giving.


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