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10 Simple Home Storage Solutions to Keep Your House in Order

A neat, organised home is something we all dream of. However, sometimes this is easier said than done.

Luckily, many simple home storage solutions can keep your house in good shape. You can hang your tools on walls to save space, use boxes to organise your freezer or take advantage of under-the-bed storage. You can even use a personal household storage unit to free up some space if your house is just too cluttered.

If you look carefully around the house, you'll find many makeshift storage options. Let's explore some of the ways you can keep your home in order.

10 Storage Solutions to Keep Your House in Order

Ready to revamp your storage spaces? Let's go!

Hang Tools On Walls

10 Storage Solutions to Keep Your House in Order

Image source: Pixabay

If your cupboards and shelves are full, you may have a storage problem. Luckily, this can easily be solved by using your walls. You can use removable suction hooks or wall racks to hang tools and utensils with handles. These can include:

  • Pots, pans, spatulas, or spoons in the kitchen

  • Garden shears, pliers, or ropes in your shed

  • Loofahs or scrubbing brushes in your washroom

Make a DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

Make a DIY Plastic Bag Dispenser

Image source: Instagram

Stuffing plastic bags in drawers gets messy really quick. Here's a no-nonsense, easy, doable solution to this problem.

Take an old plastic container and pierce through the lid to make an opening. You can do this with jumbo-sized plastic bottles, old tissue boxes, or even tabletop plastic bins. Store all your plastic bags inside. This way, you can pull one out through the opening whenever needed!

If you are handy with the sewing machine you can also sew yourself a plastic bag dispenser.

Use Freezer Organisers

home freezer storage ideas

Image source: Flickr

There's so much that we store in a freeze, such as ice cream, meat, and even leftovers. If you're storing these items without any order, your freeze will be a mess, and you'll struggle to find anything.

A simple solution is freezer organisers. You can:

  • Use Ziploc bags to store gravy, minced meat, and purees

  • Cut up old cardboard boxes into small trays to keep vegetables, fruits, or leftover food containers

  • Add adjustable racks inside your freezer to get separate compartments for everything

Put Shelves Over and By the Doors

Put Shelves Over and By the Doors

Image source: Unsplash

Another excellent way to store your stuff is to hang floating cabinets over your doors and use the space by the doors. These shelves are readily available and are spacious enough to hold items that you may not use daily such as extra clothes, old books, and so much more.

You can add these shelves over different doors in different rooms and transfer all the room's clutter up there!

Under-the-Bed Storage

Under the bed storage

Image source: Unsplash

Guess where else you find unused space in your house? Under beds! You can store anything from old toys to old laptops under beds. The size and elevation of your bed will determine how much you can store.

A great way to use this space is by using small baskets that you can just pull out from underneath the bed. Each basket could hold a specific kind of item. The other solution would be to buy a bed with storage.

Install a Sliding Pantry

sliding pantry

Image source: Pixabay

Storing food items is another problem you may face if you have a large family or a small kitchen or both. The good news is, you can install a sliding, movable pantry next to your fridge or any other empty space inside your kitchen.

This pantry takes up minimal space because it's fitted into narrow spaces that can't be used for anything else. You can just slide it out when you need to. Use it to store staple food and spices without crowding the kitchen.

Use Shower Curtain Rings in Closet

storage tips ideas

If your closet is full of hangers, but you've still got more clothes to fit in, use shower curtain rings. Hang multiple shower curtain rings onto one hanger.

This will allow you to hang multiple belts, tops, bras, and other items from just one hanger. Tips like these go a long way in organising your wardrobe.

Use Bar Carts for Storage

bar trolley for storage

Image source: Unsplash

Bar carts are used to serve cocktails but they are also a great storage solution to try out. You can find these carts in several sizes and use them to store cutlery, magazines, bathroom products, and much more.

You can fit these between beds, besides your kitchen counter, at the corner of your lounge, or even somewhere in the doorway.

Get Cabinets Designated for Toys

Home storage solutions

Image source: Pexels

Having toys lying all around the house can take the messiness to a whole new level. A good storage solution is to designate a large cabinet specifically for toys.

Try to get a cabinet with separators and group each section for a specific set of toys. Wooden toys in one drawer, plush toys in another and so on. This makes it easier to find toys and place them back too.

Use Drawer Organisers

storage ideas for drawers

Image source: Unsplash

Don't have separate drawers for individual items? No problem! You can use wire mesh or plastic drawer organisers to keep your drawers clutter-free. You can cut up old cereal boxes as a DIY option too.

Whether it's makeup, belts, jewellery, stationery, or kitchen items, organisers can help keep your drawers organised.

Ready to Get Organised?

Reordering your living space takes time, but it's always worth it. With these incredible space-saving ideas, you can get your house to look a million times cleaner and more organised. Besides saving yourself space - you will always save your time (and nerves) on constant decluttering.


Kirsty Morbidelli is the U-Store-It Facility Development Manager whose years of experience in the industry allow her to develop and design customised and tailored self-storage training


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