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Best Restaurants in Sydney | Swine & co.

by Deb Carr

Serendipity? Maybe as I walked down Pitt Street Mall on Wednesday and came across two delightful young ladies handing out leaflets for the newly launched Swine & co. I thought it looked fantastic and mentioned to the girls I would have to go check it out and by Friday I was in the Dining Room doing a review by invitation.

I am positive Swine & co. will quickly establish itself as the ‘place to be seen’ in the Business District of the CBD. The venue is the former Commonwealth Bank building and the three floors have been decorated beautifully. As soon as I walked in I instantly felt this was my kind of place to hang out. I was privileged to have a tour of the venue, starting with the Bar & Deli area, which was very busy with many business people obviously enjoying their lunch on a Friday afternoon. The Deli is beautifully presented and some of the goodies on offer are:

Pork Belly Roll $12

Crackling | Slaw | Granny Smith

Toasted Ham & Cheese $10

Add Truffle Butter $2

Pork & Veal Meatballs $14

Basil | Spicy Tomato | Parmesan

Next was a sneak preview of upstairs, where the original banker’s offices have been fitted out for intimate gatherings. This floor is excellent for those wishing to have a private function i.e. wedding reception.

Now for the really exciting bit – I get to eat! The Dining Room is downstairs and fitted out beautifully, great ambience and full of happy patrons enjoying their Friday Lunch. First thing I noticed was how efficient and friendly the staff are, all obviously excited about working in such an innovative restaurant. The kitchen is also exposed so you can watch the action of the chefs busy cooking up a storm.

Worth noting here too, Swine & co. has created a rather unusual cocktail menu to coincide with the brand.

First up of course – order some wine! I enjoyed a glass of 2008 Proprieta Sperino Uvaggio which is exquisite. Then came the food! This is what I sampled.


Crisp Pig’s Tail $19

Pine Puree | Grapes | Pickled Mushrooms | Pistachio

Black Pudding $22

Harvey Bay Scallops | Foie Gras | Lime Caviar | Quinoa

South Australian Calamari $18

Fennel | Squid Ink | Pea

Tuna Crudo $17

White Anchovies | Capers | White Balsamic | Watermelon

Note: (served on a slab of Himalayan Salt) – Great Presentation


Sucking Pig $40

Milk Fed Macleay Valley | Celery Salt | Baby Fennell

King Salmon $30

Fennel | Olive Soil | Herb Oil Dutch

Heirloom Carrots $12

Caraway Butter Brussel

Sprouts $12

Blue Lentils | Fermented Chilli | Speck


Doughnuts $14

Custard | Apple Sorbet

Just for the record, as much as I wanted to, no, I didn’t eat the whole lot, I was sharing and only tasting each dish. Every dish was beautifully presented, tasted fabulous and just writing about all this is making me hungry for more. The standouts for me were the Pigs Tail, Suckling Pig, Dutch Heirloom Carrots and Doughnuts! For someone who is not a big meat eater I have to say I was surprised that I would eat pig’s tail.

A ‘must have' experience.


PHONE(02) 9009 0990


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