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NSW Wine and Food Festival | Food Review Bar PHO

by Deb Carr

On day one of the Festival I headed over in the evening to sample some great wine and of course find some fabulous food. It really is hard to choose what to have as the quality of every stall looks amazing. I felt like something really healthy so I headed over to Bar PHO and decided on a Vietemese Banh Mi and Wild Purslane/Mint Chicken Salad. As soon as I sat down and tasted the food I was in heaven. Fresh, light and I felt every bite was nourishing. I guarantee you won't be disappointed. I certainly wasn't.

The only disappointment was me spilling my wine all over myself by wasn't even the embarrassment of having wine down my clothes and looking like a middle-aged drunk... it was missing out on a very good drop!

You can visit Bar PHO:

Bondi Farmers Market Saturday 9am-1pm.

Available for special events and catering.Contact Tina for further information

The Sydney Morning Herald NSW Food and Wine Festival presented by Citi.

Facebook: nswwinefestivalTwitter: @nswfoodandwine Instagram: @nswfoodandwine

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