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Interview with Artist, Francesca Gnagnarella

by Deb Carr

When did you discover you could paint?

Sculpture was my first love when I was still at high school, and I created my first bronze sculpture under the tutelage of Italian sculptor Vito Pancella. When I moved to Paris to continue my studies at Sorbonne University I decided however that painting was the area where I wanted to concentrate most of my artist endeavours, and it’s then that I started to develop my own painting technique. I started exhibiting in group shows in Paris in April 2006 and then had my first solo exhibition in Rome in May 2006.

I studied art in Rome first and then finished my studies at Paris' Sorbonne University.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Mostly landscapes, colours and experiences. I then reinterpret them in my mind into abstract form. Since I moved to Australia, my colour pallet has changed considerably and I find myself more inspired by the bright and cinematographic light of Perth and the natural elements that surround me here, the colours are so vibrant!

Where has your work been shown?

Paris, Rome, Nice, Shanghai, and of course Perth and Sydney. Hong Kong is next in May

What' do you like to do when you are not painting?

You’ll probably find me at the beach with my blue heeler Batman! And I love spending time in galleries!

Where is home?

Home is in Perth, in my gallery apartment by the river, where I live with my husband and my puppy. I can’t stay long without our morning walks on the beach! That’s what I miss the most when I’m away from home.

What is your favourite food?

I know it sounds rhetoric coming from an Italian but I would lie if I don't say ice cream and pizza!!! I think I could eat pizza for dinner every day, but luckily I don't as I try to be much healthier! :)

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

I love fashion and although I follow current trends I always try to find unique pieces in small boutique shops, and I love supporting up and coming designers like Ella de Thierry and Natalie Rolt, whose dresses I ‘ve also featured in my exhibitions.

What do you love about Sydney?

I loooooove the walk from Bondi to Bronte! If Sculpture by the Sea is on, that makes it even more spectacular!

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