Scratch and Sniff - Brent Thorpe

By Deb Carr

I was invited to the Chippendale Hotel last Saturday by my friend Daniel to Brent Thorpe's one-man comedy show. I spent 45 minutes laughing as Brent changes into three different personas. Seeing Brent act as three different people in one show was fascinating, trying to figure out how he could remember the lines and the amount of words he uses has me bamboozled. I guess that's why some people are actors and some are not!

One outstanding charactor is Brenda Trolloppe. Brenda had me in stitches with her life story and antics.

Brenda Trolloppe stars in ‘Beauty! Glamour! Fame!’ a riotous romp in the tradition of Reg Livermore, Benny Hill, Dick Emery and other revered low humourists. It’s chock full of profanities, classic Aussie songs and boasts a generous sprinkling of bare bums.

Brent Thorpe’s drag alter ego takes us on a mind bending journey through her psyche, creating an epic piece of Australian theatre in which she shares her hopes, fears, dreams and desires of becoming a famous and glamorous showgirl in Las Vegas starring in her own production of ‘Australia The Musical.’ That’s a big budget musical within a play within a show. More levels and layers than therapy!

In ‘Beauty! Glamour! Fame!’ Brenda does not travel alone. She is joined on stage by Nathan from the Shire played by Brandon Lees.

Brenda Trolloppe is a division of the Brent Thorpe Collection of Characters and is available for functions and corporate events. She can tailor material to suit your specific requirements from very clean and wholesome (sort of) to very naughty. She is famous for getting the party started! Brenda is dressed exclusively by The House Of Trolloppe.

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