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Sydney Artist Interview | Mulga The Artist


We interviewed popular Sydney Artist Joel aka Mulga the Artist

When did you start painting?

I have always made the art but it was around the time of my daughter, Pearl’s, birth 5 years ago that I started to think that maybe I could do art more seriously. I realised that I didn’t want to do the office job forever and that it was not my destiny. I have always envied people that say they love their job and I wanted to be able to say that as well. I am not 100% there yet but I am well on my way!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Bearded dudes and rad animals and other creative peeps doing radical things.

You paint on on walls. How does someone commission you to do that?

Send me an email, and then we can chat about it, pretty simple.

What's with painting the beards?

Beards are a magical thing and throughout the history of Earth they have achieved extraordinary exploits that a non-beard could never have achieved. There is some magical power that gets unlocked when a beard chooses to adorn the face of a mere man. It is like the mystery of synergy that cannot be explained. Beards are also a mysterious thing as they are a like a mask and a blanket for the face at the same time. Sometimes you wonder, what is under that beard, man or creature? Beards are great to draw because they are great place to make interesting patterns and because I don’t like drawing chins that much, chins are ordinary.

What do you love about Sydney?

It's my home and there are people I know and like here. It is very nice as well, I love the beaches and rivers and climate and and also the sunshine. It's cool when you read about people that have travelled a lot and they say that Sydney is the best place to live.

Where can people see your art?

Head on over to my internet website, there is heaps of my art lurking around on it.

How can people buy your work?

I sell art prints on my site (very popular and every print comes with an original poem) and I regularly host a market stall at Paddington and Bondi markets selling art and rad clothes for dudes, chicks, kids and little babies. I post on my Instagram and Facebook where I set up my stall.

mulga and donnie -800 px wide.jpg
otis the owl by mulga the artist -1000 px wide 300dpi - Copy.jpg

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