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Coffee Break? – Next Stop: Aroma Festival At The Rocks

by Michala Maly

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photo credit: Harbour Rocks Hotel

Anyone who loves coffee culture will relish the annual Aroma Festival, which has been running for seventeen years. While the main event takes place at The Rocks in Sydney on 27th July 2014, various events and workshops run throughout the month of July, giving coffee lovers all over New South Wales something to smile about. If the thought of sampling artisanal coffees gets you weak in the knees, or you’ve always fantasised about creating your own latte art, you’ll want to make sure you’re in Sydney for the Aroma Festival.

Keep Sunday 27th July 2014 free

The Aroma Festival culminates in a thrilling celebration of all things coffee on Sunday 27th July 2014, so coffee fans will want to keep their schedules free, whether that means cancelling date night with your significant other or organising a babysitter for the day.

The Rocks comes alive on 27th July with more than 60 stallholders, food trucks serving up mouthwatering fare, a domestic coffee machine expo, latte art competitions, stylish pop-up cafés and bars, kids’ workshops to keep the little ones busy, an amazing sculpture made of coffee cups, an exhibition on the arduous journey from coffee bean to coffee cup and a specialty coffee lab. Prices are kept affordable and are unmatchable considering the excellent quality you enjoy.

Some of the most anticipated stalls on Sunday include Mayan Coffee and Xocolat, where the popular, vibrant Guatemalan-themed offerings will tantalise your tastebuds. The Lindt Chocolate Café Stall is a must for those who love not only coffee and chocolate, but also the exquisite combination of the two.

If you’re accustomed to whiling away your weekends huddled with a friend in a little café nursing a steaming cup of coffee, the Aroma Festival offers exciting new places to get your caffeine fix. At Adore Estate Coffee Lab on Playfair Street, watch as expert baristas demonstrate a variety of brewing methods, and then sample their delicious creations. Or chill out at Coffee Garden at The Rocks Square, where a blend of music and lush plants calms your senses as you sip amazing brews.

Even if you’re not a coffee lover, you’re going to love this

Even if you pick tea over coffee every time or are strictly caffeine-free, there’s plenty to love at the Aroma Festival.

There’s a whole host of great activities on offer, including tea leaf reading sessions at Nurses Walk courtesy of The Argyle Oracle’s resident expert. Next, have a browse at The Rocks Market, where you can enjoy painstakingly prepared gourmet food, shop for unique clothing and accessories, admire original artwork and lots more.

Explore the various areas where you can enjoy some serious downtime, whether you’re relaxing at the smooth FM Picnic Area at Bligh and Barney Reserve with your coffee-loving friends or grooving to the live music on offer.

What to do after 5:00pm?

Sydney is blessed with one of the most amazing nightscapes in the world, and after 5:00pm festival goers have the perfect excuse to soak up the breathtaking views as they enjoy drinks at some of the city’s best-loved establishments such as Front Bar at Pier One Sydney Harbour. Located within walking distance of the festival grounds, Front Bar offers astonishing views of the harbour. At Eric’s Bar at Harbour Rocks Hotel, you can down yet another espresso if you’re a serious coffee lover who just hasn’t had enough.

A weekend to remember

With The Rocks Aroma Festival happening this weekend, you have no excuse to stay home. One of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have, the event is also infused with many colourful international influences, so you can expect a delightfully eclectic programme. Mark Sunday 27th July 2014 on your calendar to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun.

You can get to the festival’s location at The Rocks in a variety of ways. Situated just a 15 minute walk from Town Hall station and 10 minutes from Wynward Station, The Rocks can also be easily accessed by train. Just stop at Circular Quay, take a two minute walk towards Sydney Harbour Bridge and you’re there. The buses that ply the CBD passing Elizabeth Street or George Street can also take you to The Rocks if you alight at Bridge Street and head North. The ferry takes you to Circular Quay, just a short walk from The Rocks.

Whether you’re a coffee snob or are dependent upon the caffeine for your daily survival, you won’t want to miss The Rocks Aroma Festival, a celebration of one of modern life’s greatest pleasures.

Author bio:

Meet Michala – a true Sydneysider who loves all kind of festivals and enjoys writing about her travel experiences from all over the world. As a social media junkie and PR & Digital Analyst, she works with established hotel brands in Sydney and Melbourne, including Harbour Rocks Hotel.


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