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Buying jeans is a nightmare for me - not anymore!


By Deb Carr

I have to admit I love jeans but I hate buying them! Only because I find it so hard to get a pair that actually fit me and if they do fit, they are the right length! I’m 164 cm and most jean makers cater for the tall leggy girls!

I decided to head down to Jeanswest in Broadway, Sydney, to find a pair of jeans no matter what. I was on a mission! I had looked at the Jeanswest collection online and was impressed with the number of styles they have and how they cater for all body shapes and ages. “Yes”, said I, it was definitely worth a visit to this store. So off I trotted for the thirty-minute walk to Broadway Shopping Centre.

It was worth the walk there…and back!

As I entered the store, I saw so many styles and sizes that I didn’t really know where to start. Hayley, one of the sales assistants came up to me and offered some help. I mentioned the pair I had seen online and she quickly found them for me. To my delight, I was told they come in 3 different lengths so I would not have to get them hemmed up.

Hayley escorted me to the change rooms and left me alone to try them on.

I liked them but they were not as comfortable as I wanted so I went back to the stack of jeans and noticed Hayley was serving another customer so I started to see if I could find another pair that might fit better.

Enter, Tamara, who asked if she could help. She quickly found me a similar pair with a slightly different cut and fabric so I went to try them on. Voila! I have found a pair of perfectly fitted jeans, right length and just the right cut for my age group (don’t ask please!)

The good news….Jeanswest are reasonably priced. At $69.99 for one or two pairs for $109. #Bargain

I selected the “Curve Embracer Bootcut”

Verdict! Great shopping experience, lots of variety, caters for all shapes and sizes and exceptional customer service. Thanks Hayley and Tamara ...picture taken on my Samsung Galaxy....

Hayley left - Tamara Right


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