Graffiti Art Makes it to Broadway

Anthony Lister, well known Australian contemporary street artist has given Broadway Shopping Centre a dash of striking colour and and edgy design which is visible on the Centre's facade and overhead walkway from Glebe Point Road.

Lister’s passion for graffiti was developed at the Queensland College of Art and amounted to a career in street art that has taken him around the world.

Commenting on his inspiration behind the Broadway mural, a striking visual featuring flying birds and student life, Lister said, “What I’m doing here at Broadway is attempting to bring the art gallery to the shopping centre; outdoor painting is about activating public spaces for public people to enjoy. In my work I create narratives that speak to multiple demographics and given the abstract and ambiguous nature of my work, what looks like the Sydney Opera House to one person may look like a book to another. It is my pleasure to create a body of work here that relates to many people in one way or another.”

Broadway Shopping Centre has a wide variety of stores including popups and has the Collection Bar for the Iconic Brand where online shoppers can collect their purchases and try them on at the Bar.

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