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Fashion Review: Jets Swimwear, David Jones Catwalk


If there's one thing fabulous about Sydney Lifestyle is the beaches and Shopping at David Jones or attending one of their fashion shows such as this one for Jets Swimwear.

Jets Swimwear David Jones

This amazing event held by David Jones was a lot of fun. Champagne was flowing, crowds gathering and the overall atmosphere happy and joyful - almost like Christmas in the middle of the year.

This David Jones initiative to open every floor with different attractions with people everyone walking around with a glass of champers was a lot of fun! A Sydney Chic style of event! We were there to experience the new products for Jets Swimwear this summer and was not disappointed with this beach ready line of swimsuits.

Jets Swimwear David Jones

Jets have always represented great cut and fabric and this year was no exception. The black and white panelled one piece was my favourite, flattering lines with a chic design.

Another favourite is the lavender and white with mesh one-piece, this felt very modern and fresh, one you could definitely pop under a white high waisted skirt or pants - love!

It was also refreshing to see the men not left out, loved this Italian style swimmers, I think are the most flattering both in the black and the floral. Well done Jets and its designer Jessika Allen.

Jets Swimwear Men


Once you understand your body shape it will make purchasing a swimsuit much easier. The find out your body shape measure the widest part of your hips, the bust at the fullest part and waist at the tiniest. Now choose the closest shape. Now use this body calculator to discover what shape you are.


This will be much easier now that you know your body shape and you focus on what you have. Whether you're shopping online for in store for a swimsuit focus on what you need to hide or enhance. Choose a swimsuit that draws accentuates your assets and camouflages your flaws. Bright colors or patterns accentuate certain parts of the body whereas solid colours are used to hide the problematic areas.

If you want to accentuate your waist try a tankini whereas a high-waisted bikini or one piece will help hide it.

Choose a high cut bikini bottom if you want to make your legs look longer. Boy shorts give the impression of wider hips. Triangle tops, tie-front bikini tops, and halter-tops are for drawing attention to the bust.

Lastly, you can always wear a swimwear dress over your costume that will take you and from the beach and anywhere in between.

The most important part of all this is to feel good in your purchase. Then the next step is to find that perfect beach to show off your new swimsuit.

If you are looking for a killer body then hire a personal trainer then check out our Editor's two daughters who happen to be personal trainers. Grace, personal trainer Bondi Beach and Emma, personal trainer Taree and both of them offer online body coaching programs for women.

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