10 Great Beaches on The Mid North Coast NSW

Here are 10 great beaches on the Mid North Coast NSW that are worth a visit to if travelling to the area.


Boomerang Beach

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Surrounded by Booti Booti National Park Boomerang Beach is a popular beach for surfing. This beautiful beach has pristine water with white sand. Boomerang Beach is in close proximity to Blueys Beach and Elizabeth Beach and about a 20 minute drive out from Forster. The beach is not patrolled. There's a picnic area and toilet facilities next to the beach. Map of Boomerang, Elizabeth and Blueys Beaches


Blueys Beach

Blueys Beach is in Pacific Palms on the Mid North Coast NSW and close to both Boomerang and Elizabeth Beaches. Although not a long beach (900 metres) it is a magical place to visit with views of hilly scenic slopes. Blueys Beach is also a popular surfing spot with it's aqua water. The beach was named after an unfortunate cow called Bluey ventured too far to the cliff and fell to its demise on the beach.


Elizabeth Beach is one of the few patrolled beaches mentioned in this article. It's a popular spot for families in summer due to the calm waters and surf life saving patrol in the summer months. Close to Boomerang and Blueys Beaches Elizabeth Beach is surrounded by Booti Booti National Park. Over Easter, Elizabeth Beach hosts the 1.5km rock to rock swim.


Seal Rocks

Seal Rocks is a small village with a big lighthouse! The beaches are pristine and on a clear day the water looks like a tropical paradise. The lighthouse is situated in National Park and the walk up to it reveals a spectacular cavern with the ocean water thundering through it. The beach pictured here is Treachery Beach viewed from top of the lighthouse. Map


Burgess Beach

Burgess Beach is my favourite beach in Forster. It's not a huge beach but it is surrounded by rocks and if you climb over them at the Southern side you will come across an isolated stretch of beach surrounded by hills. This beach is not patrolled and very isolated so take care if swimming.

The locals swim in between the rocks, called the 'washing machine', it looks dangerous but as long as you don't go out too far and use common sense it is actually a lovely place to swim. The scenery at this beautiful beach is breathtaking. Map


Crowdy Head

Crowdy Head is a popular surfing beach and fishing village. Crowdy Head has a Seafood Co-op and surf life saving club where part of the beach is patrolled on weekends between September and April. When visiting the beach you may like to take a stroll through the Crowdy Head National Park. Crowdy Head beach is picturesque and a popular tourist destination. The Crowdy Head Lighthouse is worth a trip up to see the spectacular views. Map


Next to parklands (Bicentennial Walk) Pebbly Beach is an interesting beach to visit. As the name suggests the beach is covered in pebbles and the sound of the ocean crashing on them is fascinating. The rockpools are interesting to explore but as for swimming, the Tanks, just a short distance from this beach is a popular place to swim. The Tanks is a small inlet for swimming and has easy access and plenty of seating for watchful parents. Map.


As the name depicts, Nine Mile Beach is long! It's the beach I walk along most days and is accessible to Four Wheel Drive Vehicles. This beach is treacherous and I rarely swim in it unless the water is perfectly calm down by the Tuncurry Breakwall. When the swell is high it's a haven for surfers. Nine Mile Beach has a lot of rips and care needs to be taken if swimming as it is not patrolled. The sunrises can be phenomenal of Nine Mile Beach. In April the famous Mullet Run takes place on the beach and water with an abundance of fish caught in nets as a team effort between vehicles and boats. Map Nine Mile & Black Head Beaches.


Black Head beach has a surf life saving club and is a beautiful stretch of sand. The beach is next to a lagoon and picnic area, as well as a take away fish and chip shop. A drive up the road will take you to Nine Mile Beach and lookouts. What I like about Black Head Beach is the rainforest walk approx 450 metres that brings you back to the shopping area and a pleasant walk along the lagoon.


One Mile Beach

This is a photo I took from the top of the huge sand dune on One Mile Beach. It's a beautiful beach in Forster and dog friendly. I had walked along Bicentennial and Frewins Walks in Forster to arrive at this beach. It's also a popular surfing beach and sometimes you will see people surf kiting as well. The beach has a surf life saving club at the Southern end. One mile beach is next to a large park with barbecue, picnic facilities and playground equipment. Map.