Not the Archibald Darling, it's the Barchibald

Based on the famous exhibition of similar name, the Barchibald is a portraiture exhibition but instead focusing attention on people who work in bars and hospitality as the focal point.

Half of the revenue of the pieces sold goes straight back to the artist, with the other half going toward the Leukaemia Foundation as part of their U.G.L.Y. Bartender fundraising campaign.

All in all its a fantastic way for new emerging or established artists to get exhibited and receive recognition, as well as the chance to make money for themselves and help a truly worthwhile cause at the same time.

The piece that receives the highest bid will also win $1500 cash and $300 worth of Van Gogh Vodka!

The exhibition will be held over a two week period at Mr. Tipplys in the CBD with the auction itself held on October the 16th. We can take submissions up until a couple of days before that time but as spaces are limited Im hoping you can jump on board and get registered!

We have extended the online application dates to october 7th and the actual art submission date to october 14th but are hoping to have most submissions before that giving them more time to be viewed and the price to go up.

The registration is super easy just go to and submit online.

It is also now open to photographers and Graphic artists.


Michael Eason

0424 835 865

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