Celebrity Psychic Sharina: Mebourne Cup Tips

Feeling like a little flutter on Melbourne Cup? We asked Celebrity Psychic Sharina for her lucky tips and colours.



Lucky colour: FUSHIA

Lucky tips: Tie 3 I CHING Coins to handbag with red string or place in left side of wallet for men

2,11,20, 29

Lucky colour: RED

Lucky tips: Wear a phoenix or dragon charm on your necklace or place on keyring/wallet

3,12, 21,30

Lucky colour: GREEN

Lucky tips: Wear a citrine crystal around your neck or carry in gold sack with gambling tickets

4,13, 22, 31

Lucky colour: ORANGE

Lucky tips: Sit on table 8 if dining or socialising, lucky leprechaun charm or magic square placed race tickets

5,14, 23

Lucky colours: RED/BLUE

Lucky tips: Wear red underwear all week; place 8 citrine crystals in red sack keep on table when betting

6,15, 24

Lucky colour: GOLD

Lucky tips: Wear a Buddha charm or four leaf clover charm



Lucky tips: Place your wish with amber, sapphire and cat’s eye small crystal in red sack inside your handbag or wallet with betting tickets


Lucky colour: TURQUOISE

Lucky tips: A Tigers Eye and Egyptian scarab lucky charm held close will bring brilliant luck your way


Lucky colours: PURPLE/BLACK

Lucky Tips: Wear or carry jade and don’t gamble using $50 notes use smaller denominations

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