Sydney Chic Interview with Dr John Demartini : Have a listen to the 10 minute audio

Today I had the privilege to interview Dr John Demartini who is considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 courses covering multiple aspects of human development.

For those who have not heard of Dr Demartini then my first word of advice to you is to hop on to his website which is full of fabulous advice. John Demartini has been adding value to people’s lives for many years, he is the author of 40 books published in over 29 different languages. He has produced over 60 CDs and DVDs covering subjects such as development in relationships, wealth, education and business. I asked Dr Demartini on questions on the power of the mind, fear, feeling like a victim, how to face challenges, what to do if you are going through financial hardship and about his seminar “the Breakthrough Experience”.

Have a listen here to the ten minute audio.


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