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Kada’s new album launch plus a surprise guest….well hello Mr Brody Jenner.

Kada Music

By Deb Carr

On Saturday night I attended Kada’s launch of her new album “The Unknown” at RedBull HQ

Now if this young woman does not make it as an international superstardom I’ll be very surprised. First things first, apart from being stunningly beautiful there is something else about Kada aka Kate Southwell that really struck me, she is just as beautiful inside as she is out.

Kada welcomed myself (and my daughter, Grace who was my plus one) and despite this was her big night, she took time to make all of us feel welcome and part of the launch.

Kada Music

Before I write about the actual launch, I’d like to mention something else about Kada, she is getting married in April 2015 to Barney Miller, more about that later as this story is about Kada.

The launch was held at Red Bull HQ in Alexandria, and we were treated to Red Bull & Vodka and other beverages + food. Great venue I have to add!

The night was also full of happy people who are supporting Kada including, yes Brody Jenner. Now as any self-respecting mother would do, of course I went up to him and asked if my daughter could get her pic with him (much to her horror) and to give Brody credit, after being inundated with requests he humoured me and Grace did get a pic.

The highlight of the night was of course Kada singing live. This is one young woman who can belt out a tune, and with her supporting band she was incredible. I love Kada’s music, she sounds as good live as she does on digital. I would describe Kada’s voice as ‘hauntingly beautiful’ and you can make your own mind by the video below.

There is something else I want to say about Kada and that’s about her wedding. She is getting married to Barney Miller next year as I mentioned above, what I did not mention is that Barney is actually paraplegic and a surfer. Barney is determined to stand up at his wedding to Kada next year and Kada works with him to help him to achieve this goal. Guess what he can actually stand up!

When I went and chatted to Barney I could see how he wins the hearts of so many people and I’m sure he’s probably a real larrikin and looking forward to chatting to him more soon. One thing is for sure, Barney and Kada inspire me.

Can’t wait to see those wedding photos and both of them achieve their goals.

Kada and Barney Miller

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