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Sydney Chic asks Commando Steve for his fitness tips

Sydney Chic Asks Commando Steve for some tips on fitness and about his new online program Get Commando Fit.

What’s your number one tip for people to get motivated into fitness?

Just make a START. Stop with the excuses and just give it a go. It really doesn’t take very long to start feeling the difference, from one training session you will walk away feeling elated and accomplished, then you can build on it from there.

How can people stay motivated?

Set your goals, both short and long term, be realistic to your circumstances so your goals are achievable. Planning and preparation, plan your days; when you will eat, when you will sleep, when you will train. Planning means less opportunity to fail and that will keep you motivated. Also rally your family and friends to support you.

What’s the best dietary advice you give to people?

Cut out all highly processed foods full of trans fat and sugars. Avoid diet foods, they are never what they promise and have basically no nutritional value.

Has any one person made an impact on you with a complete change from obesity to fitness? If so what impressed you about them?

Over the years, including my Biggest Loser contestants, I’ve met loads of people who have gone from being overweight or obese to maintaining a fit and active lifestyle. The part that never fails to impress and inspire me is their ‘light bulb’ moment. It’s like the flick of a switch and then they suddenly get it. They understand why they are making the change and once they understand that they very rarely go back. The timing and reason is different for everyone, in Mission 1 we had a recruit that had been trying for years to fall pregnant, she emailed us last week to let us know mission accomplished! We also had a pilot who had been grounded due to his weight gain, his ‘light bulb’ moment made him sign up for the Mission so he could get back to doing what he loved, he’s now back flying. Regardless, the reason for that lightbulb moment ALWAYS goes beyond just losing the weight.

What is the GetCommandoFit online program?

We’re kicking off again on 16th February, GetCommandoFit offers a 13 week health and fitness journey with a 1 week upfront fundamentals and education week and then 12 weeks of workout plans, daily recipes, healthy meal plans and Commando's motivation videos. This mission we’ve launched a new training program called ‘Get Active’ for those who a keen to get moving. There is also an additional three levels ‘Get Fit’, ‘Get Fit Intermediate’ and ‘Get Fit Advanced’.

Were you always into fitness?

I’ve always been really active. I was an active kid, my first job was a paper round. I joined the Army at 19 so training and fitness has always been a big part of my life.

What do you love about Sydney?

The best part about Sydney is being able to live a life outdoors. There is always so much to do from the beaches to the national parks. I love taking the kids hiking, heading to the beach for a swim or just running in the park.

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