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Fancy a little nap during the afternoon?

Last year I interviewed Geoff Henry on radio about his company Podstyle, which is revolutionising the way companies keep their employees happy and energised. It seems not just companies are latching on to nano naps so are sporting teams including NRL & AFL to assist their players with recovery from training. I asked Geoff a few questions about these pods.

What is the benefit of having a pod?

In our over-worked and sleep-deprived society, a pod provides a totally private rest space to allow users to have a brief power nap or relaxing timeout. Studies show a short rest of around 25 minutes helps re-focus the mind and lessens the likelihood of mistakes at work. This is better for your health, happiness and overall well-being.

What sort of organisations use a sleeping pod?

Just about any workplace setting can use a pod. We have sold them to sporting bodies, corporate offices, gymnasiums, financial institutions, database centres and university libraries. Occupations requiring intense concentration or physical exertion benefit from rest pod use.

What sort of results have organisations had by using the pod?

Staff morale improves because well-rested employees are happier. Amongst many studies, NASA and Harvard University research has shown naps re-vitalise workers and makes them more energetic, productive and efficient. A freshly rested worker will make less mistakes. Organisations that look after employee health will retain quality staff longer.

Sporting teams are also using these pods - how are they benefiting from them?

Here in Australia both NRL and AFL clubs use pods. The players do intense training and the pods assist with their physical recovery by allowing brief rests for the athletes between sessions. Having the pods conveniently located at their training venues is a big plus. More and more professional sporting bodies throughout the world are incorporating rest and pods into their training regimes.

Are the pods totally soundproof inside and do they come with internal features?

No. They do reduce sound somewhat but you can still hear muffled noise outside the pod. The pods are well ventilated and do not feel claustrophobic. They come with lights and shelves inside. Some come with pre-programmed relaxation music and lights.

How are they installed?

They come with instructions. There are different brands and types of pods. Some come flat-packed with instructions and can be assembled in around an hour or so. The more expensive pods with electrical features require professional installation.

Can they be transported?

A pod is a piece of indoor furniture. They are not mobile. They can be carefully shifted around the same room like normal furniture but if you are moving it between different addresses or floors in a building some unassembly and re-assembly would be required.

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