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Peekaboo! Sydney has a new very cool bar in Woolloomooloo

I was invited to check out Peekaboo Bar in Woolloomooloo so I headed down there with a friend and I’m really happy to be able to let my readers know of this very cool place to hang out.

Firstly, the ambience is perfect, it was a cold rainy night in Sydney and inside this gorgeous (quite compact) venue we felt very cosy. The décor is fantastic with exposed beams and the walls full of interesting photos, drawings and even guitars to look at. There is also the Secret Bizarre Room for those wishing a more intimate dinner.

Peekaboo Bar is my type of place. It is intimate and serves a great range of cocktails and a very reasonably priced menu. As you can see from my little video that I created on my iPhone (below) it’s really is a gorgeous place to hang out in Woolloomooloo. I live in Potts Point so definitely a local new hangout for me!

I don’t like to mix drinks so I had had a glass (or three) of Castelli Shiraz, which was just what I needed on a miserable night. I will point out though that the cocktail menu was very enticing.

We had a share plate of “Charcuterie Board” a selection of cured meats, pate, olives and other condiments. One spectacular salami was infused with “truffle” now I’m not the biggest fan of truffle, however I can say this was really something quite unusual and not something you would taste every day.

We also shared “Cheese Board” with a selection of fabulous cheeses, pate, pickles & House made pickles. The pate is superb.

Still a little hungry we went for the soft shell chicken tacos, which were delicious, very tasty and easy to eat! No spills!

I think Peekaboo Bar will be something the locals will want to try to keep for themselves!

To finish, the staff are great with fabulous service and obviously love where they work.

120 Bourke St, Woolloomooloo


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