Biterunner App designed to help runners reach their goals quickly.


BiteRunner is the app that will drastically maximize exercise performance, and improve recovery time. Available in the App store for iPhone, BiteRunner is designed to help runners reach their goals quickly.

Biterunner is both a running and recipe app providing runners with solid & fun training schedules (5k, 10k, 10 miles, and Half Marathon). The app is designed so runners will be eating the right food at the right time, so they are always fuelled up to the max before the race, and recover (strengthen) as fast as possible after the race.

BiteRunner enables a fast recovery, less muscle aches, building muscle tissue and strong bones.

With BiteRunner runners will

  • Reach their goal easier and faster

  • Have more endurance and stamina and be able to train harder

  • Recover faster and experience less muscle ache

  • Enjoy great meals

  • Save time in choosing what to eat


  • Set your goal.

  • Pick a training schedule that fits you best.

  • Select your training day & Learn about the set of today.

  • Check the right recipes Biterunner selected for you.

  • Add the ones you like to your shopping list.

  • Prepare and enjoy your meal & your run.

  • And take a bite out of your time!

  • No registration required & new recipes every month.


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