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IKEA launches new kitchen range

IKEA recently launched a new, redesigned kitchen system named METOD which turns kitchen dreams into dream kitchens. METOD is the biggest range change in IKEA history, offering the freedom of creating a truly individual kitchen with great quality at an affordable price.

I went to a viewing today and I have to say, very impressive IKEA.

What I liked apart from the great looks:

True versatility - Because of its modular design, METOD makes it possible to place cabinets, drawers and doors freely, independent of exterior style.

Maximised space – Redesigned measurements make the most of kitchen space,

regardless of size and shape, to offer even more storage room.

Stronger style - A wider range of choices makes the current style expression more modern for example by offering cleaner lines or more traditional by offering accessories to complete the look. I especially like the use of light and glass.

Increased choice – A choice of twenty door fronts, cabinet frames in both black-brown and white, redesigned interior organisers, new kinds of integrated LED lighting and a wide price range for drawers. There are also an additional four accent door colours stainless steel, green, yellow and a 3D look.

are an important part of making this concept work.

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