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Joseph Tawadros Quartet perform 'Angel'

Joseph Tawadros - Oud

Matt McMahon - Piano

James Tawadros - Percussion

Dimitri Vouros - Clarinet

"When Angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of their wings, nor feel the feathery touch of the breast of a dove, but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts."

For this very special concert Joseph joins three of Australia's finest virtuosos: his prodigiously talented brother James Tawadros on percussion, celebrated jazz pianist Matt McMahon and soulful clarinetist Dimitri Vouros in their much loved ANGEL suite.

"Joseph Tawadros has a gift for infusing sadness with beauty and vice versa. He writes fragile melodies in which notes hang in the air long enough to ache as well as beguile. His instrument, the oud, is tailor-made for milking the anguish from a tune. Its cello-like range reaches from sumptuous bass to arcing treble and its fretless nature allows for sighs and cries in the movement between notes. Here he revisited two suites, Angel suite in D and Hand in Hand suite in C; these suites contain some of Tawadros's most reflective music, which the players realised with almost self-conscious restraint. That convergence of sadness, beauty and introspection comes easily to McMahon. He generated some rapturous solos and thoughtfully harmonised pieces that are essentially linear. Vouros was the very model of restraint, to the point where one yearned for a hint of ardour. He held this back to the closing Guardian, then proffered some of the zest for which his instrument is renowned in Arabic and Turkish music. Any fireworks were primarily the Tawadros brothers' domain. Joseph loves to sizzle his way to an anguished climactic note via a barrage of fast ones. Occasionally this could seem routine-like but usually the labyrinthine journeys were enthralling and the pay-off more than worthy. His brothers playing had charm and imagination, soloing on req, achieving an improbable range of sonic possibilities."

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald review of Angel.

Tell all your friends and family and bring them along to enjoy the magical music of Oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadros. Not to be missed!

When: Thursday, 3rd September 2015. 7pm

Tickets: $37.70 Adult / $32.70 Concession

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