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Things to do in Sydney: The Festival of Dreams

September 11,12, 13 in 2015

The Festival of Dreams embraces ancient wisdom and modern living. It is a celebration of the heart, spirit, mind and soul.

Elder Saginaw Grant and Rick Mora

Elder Saginaw Grant and Native American spiritual pathfinder Rick Mora are our leading international guests in 2015. Elder Grant is one of the most venerated leaders of the Native American tribal nation, and has also starred in many Hollywood movies, including a recent co-starring role with Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger. *Johnny Depp holds Saginaw in the highest regard and has been photographed dropping to his knees to bow to Elder Grant as a sign of respect.

Elder Saginaw Grant spreads a message of powerfully moving simplicity. Be good to eachother. Treat ourselves, our fellow creatures and the planet with respect. *Saginaw speaks to packed auditoriums around America and literally moves thousands of people to tears with his message.

Saginaw Grant is the Voice of the Past while Rick Mora is the Voice of the Future.

Rick Mora was street kid in America before he was discovered and became the world’s leading Native American model, then Hollywood came knocking and he was cast in Twilight. The bright lights and busy mayhem of the big city left Rick craving a more meaningful and purposeful life. He returned to his tribal roots, re-connected with an ancient Indigenous wisdom and found his new path. Rick is now an author and activist and speaks to children around the world about how to avoid the pitfalls of modern life and guides at-risk youth on how to find their way through the world if they are in a troubled situation.

Elder Grant and Rick Mora have just completed a tour of New Zealand as the first stop on their Global Unity Tour where they were greeted by Maori Elders and hosted at the US Embassy. This tour is only the second time Native American rituals were performed in New Zealand, the last time was in 1968.

Their NSW tour will be the FIRST time their powerful Native American ceremonies will have ever been performed in Australia

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