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The oldest pub in South Sydney has opened its doors once again: The new look Cauliflower Hotel

The oldest pub in South Sydney has opened its doors once again with a fantastic refurbishment and menu.

The Cauliflower originally built in 1838 has been continually operating since 1850. The Cauliflower has managed to incorporate a bit of the past and modernise the venue at the same time. The front bar opening onto Botany Road is refurbished with the traditional style of timber and soft lighting providing a warm cosy atmosphere, the traffic noise is blocked out, while modern music is piped out. The more modern, back bar opening onto Wellington Street has the new Pokies Room, TAB and if you like it, KENO. The kitchen serves a varied menu with different daily 'Specials' at a good price.

One talking point for the locals is the sets of historic football photos from Souths. The tradition of the Rabbitohs continues from the days of South Sydney's industrial area. One group of people in the 1880s hawked rabbit meat around Botany Road. Many of these young men were footballers who belonged to South Sydney Rugby Union Club. Their selling cry was "Rabbitoh" so in 1909 when the Club formed the League Team they adopted the name "Rabbit-ohs".The red and green South's still keep their strong connection with the Cauliflower.

Another icon of tradition is the large cauliflower with the shovel on the roof. This landmark on the awning reminds us that before the hotel was built the Cauliflower was part of the Chinese market garden. A touch of garden has been added to the newly furbished interior and soon to be another lounge upstairs.

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