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Indigenous Girls #WalkTogether for Change September 29th Sydney

Indigenous Girls #WalkTogether for Change

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Over 1,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school girls from 16 areas across the country will #WalkTogether to raise awareness of Girls Academy, a program aimed at helping young Indigenous women reach their full potential.

Girls Academy, an initiative of Role Models and Leaders Australia, works within the education system to reduce the barriers faced by Indigenous girls while completing their education. Over the past four years, 2,280 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school girls have participated in the program.

#WalkTogether will start in Sydney on 29 September at 4.00 pm where 30 Indigenous high school girls from across the country, will walk from Anzac Bridge to Sydney

Walk starts: at ANZAC Bridge (Rozelle end)

Ends: at Sydney Opera House Via Barangaroo

Australians will be asked to take to the streets in support of the program throughout the month of October with families and friends and sharing on social media with the #WalkTogether

Since 2010 there has been a 70 per cent increase in the number of Year 12 Indigenous girls graduating from schools with a Girls Academy with 156 percent increase in year 12 retention rates. One big achievement is the graduation of two girls from their Gundalanya (Arnhem Land), Northern Territory high school for the very first time and this year that number jumps to nine.

The Girls Academy program helps indigenous girls overcome some of the common barriers which keeps them away from school including: poverty, drugs, alcoholism, violence, abuse, disconnectedness with community and culture.

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