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Set in the leafy suburb of Woollahra, About:Spicer is a fabulous espresso | tapas | wine bar with an intimate atmosphere and great hosts. The cafe has been around for a while and the tapas bar opened recently so I went down to check it out.

We had a seat on the verandah, which was very pleasant for a Spring evening in Sydney. To start off it was recommended that we try the Espresso Martini $12. Made with Kahlua, shot of espresso, vodka and About : Spicer's own home-made nutie mylk; I can assure you this is a tasty smooth cocktail. Note that the nutie mylk is made with activated raw almonds and Brazil nuts meaning they have been soaked overnight to sprout and release their enzyme inhibitors. Nutie mylk is full of protein, vitamins, antioxidants and heart friendly poly and mono-unsaturated fatty acids.

During the meal we sampled some beautiful wine supplied by The Little Wine Company. About:Spicer don't supply a wine list, they share a selection of the best wines that are sourced from around Australia. By the glass is $8 and 350ml carafe $15, this is quite unusual for restaurants I must say, however there are no complaints with the Pino Gris we tasted.

Now, on to the food! We started with a tasting plate of Bruschetta with Balsamic, Hummus and Cashew Basil dips $5. Lovely little fingers of bread drizzled with balsamic and smooth creamy hummus and basil dips. Great start!

Chilli Prawn Risotto for two $20. A creamy risotto with a hint of chilli and plenty of prawns. I overhead and noted that one regular customer keeps ordering this dish.

Eggplant Parmigania Stack $14.50. Very generous serving made with home-made Napolitano sauce. This is a cheesy dish with softly cooked eggplant served with rocket.

Kentucky Bourbon Meatballs $18.50. Delicious generous sized meatball with a glazed coating.

Finger Lickin Chicken Wings $18.50. These little beauties are served with the bone exposed for easy eating. This was another dish that went down a treat. The plate pictured above had the meatballs and chicken wings and was also served with some tasty haloumi and vegetables.

Stuffed Mushroom $12.50. This was my winner because I love mushrooms. Stuffed with bacon and Parmesan a totally awesome dish.

What is this you ask? Pictured above is a Hamburger Bloody Mary! That's right, this little hamburger is served on top of the Bloody Mary, the straw goes right through the burger into the drink.

By now I was getting to the stage I couldn't eat or drink another thing however we were warned to keep room for dessert! But first....another drink. This time Red Sangria $10 glass $20 carafe and made using their own 'secret recipe' traditional to Malaga in Spain. Loved it!

So what was all the fuss about this dessert then? Nutella Banana Cheese Cake $10 - yes worth leaving some room for this little treasure! Pictured middle above as you can see comes like a biscuit with a serving of delicious mousse.

Food portions are generous for tapas and you won't leave hungry.

Tapas available Wed - Sun from 5pm

All meals made fresh to order

Breakfast from 7.00 pm

Lunch from 12



DISCLAIMER: Sydney Chic dined as guests of About:Spicer and we thank the team for their hospitality. Reviews are written on the experience whether good or bad. Thanks to our hosts Jacques and Sina.

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